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We perform specific services tailored for your Business. We specializing in developing a unique ADR program inclusive of EEO and Diversity that will provide you with the PRO-ACTIVE Tools that will reduce costs associated with Problem Employees. We will endeavor to reduce, if not eliminate costs associated with Lost Time and Business Value (Brand) because of: Litigation.

  • Elder Abuse
  • Pre-litigation Mediation Conflicts
  • Post litigation Mediation Conflicts
  • Conflicts with Insurance Companies.
  • Any Civil conflict of any Monetary value.
  • Conflicts between Conjugal Partnerships, (division of properties & assets). NO underage children. 
  • Any non-criminal (Civil) Disputes
  • CHURCH Conflicts between Church Officials and/or members.
  • Served as Chief Negotiator for Three Labor Contracts within the US. Navy (Civilians)
  • Served as the Principal Management Representative for Labor Contracts for US Dept. HUD and Hotel industry.
  • The firm has experienced derived from the infrastructure support, of over 70 Factories within 33 States within the US, 30,000+ Associates. also Mexico, and Canada ; We have Conducted Internal Investigations on a multitude of workplace conflicts (Both Union and non-union environments).
  • *Mediated Community Disputes for the City of Toledo, Board of Community Relations.
  • Taught Workplace investigations to Supervisors & Managers,
  • Investigations included  all levels of Management inclusive of Executive Vice President, Vice Presidents, Plant Managers, Senior plant administrators down to entry level non-management employees (Extremely sensitive and Confidential).
  • Selected by Unions to Mediate managerial/bargaining unit disputes that needed clarification because of our honesty and Unbiased integrity.

*Successfully mediated a Tri-panel conflict with 60 active participants inclusive of: City of Toledo, Legal Department, Multifamily Civilian Advocacy Groups and the Realtor Community. The mediation took six weeks and ended a 10 year old conflict regarding a City Ordinance involving "Multi Family Slumlords Managers." 

Investigations include: Owens-Illinois Inc.; City of Toledo, OH, Community Services: University of Florida, Jacksonville Healthcare Inc., Executive Staff of SHRM Jacksonville; and Unlicensed Jacksonville Bar Practice of Law Committee. approved by the Florida Supreme Court.

Public Speaking: Panel Member, Capital University Law School Seminar on Alternative Dispute Resolutions Systems (ADR): Keeping it in the Park, McGuire, Wods Law Firm, Pittsburgh, PA; Cleveland, OH, EEOC District Office; ADR Indianapolis, IN; EEOC District Office, ADR Zanesville, OH, NAACP, Annual Dinner Guest; Speaker Lourdes College Workplace Harassment;

Professional Memberships / Board Participation Florida,

Florida Academy of Professional Mediators Inc, Board of Directors; Board of Advisors for Sky Bank Airport Branch, Springfield, OH Board of Directors; Economic Opportunity Planning Association of Greater Toledo; Greater Toledo Urban League (Second Vice President, Chair of Personnel Committee); Board of Community Relations, City of Toledo (Chair Community Relations Committee; Board of Trustees  Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio; Inc. (First Vice President)National Heritage Academy, Toledo Charter Schools (Ohio State Board President); Society for Human Resource Management;   SHRM Jacksonville, Membership Ambassador and Certifications Committee; Gamma Phi Boule’ Jacksonville; Jacksonville Chapter NAACP, Chair, Redress Committee; Fourth Circuit Unlicensed Practice of Law Committee (3 year appointment expired). References can be provided upon request.

Our investigations will be unbiased, based upon substantiated facts. They can be provided in Adobe format, Affidavit formats or any format your organization or Law Firm requests.

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