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Book Title: If You Cannot Believe GOD'S Word Then Believe HIS Works

This Book is about Trusting in a GOD who is full of Mercy, Grace, Slow to anger, Full of Integrity, Compassion and is a a Faithful, True, Reverent, HOLY FATHER of us all whether we believe in HIM or not. This Book is written by Novices who are not Ordained Ministers. WE do no profess to be " Gifted" although we believe GOD has anointed this Book for HIS Purpose. 

The Events are true. They have not been embellished or "pumped up" to sell.

If you are curious as to the existence of GOD, this Book is for you. If you are a Christian, and are going through some "trying" times and experiencing some symptoms, this Book is for you. If you are not in either category, this Book is still for you. You may experience, hope faith and a felling of being set free and Most importantly, become introduced to a GOD who loves you.

This Book is available directly from PublishAmerica ISBN 978-1-4580-4218-9

( ) or by calling 1-301-695-1707, or fax 1-301-631-9073 and Brodart Co.Give them the name of the Book and the ISBN number: 978-1-4580-4218-9.

Thank you for purchasing our Book, GOD Bless You!!!:

Authors: Dwayne E. & Thelma Clark 

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