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Clients Present and Past

CLIENTS: Present and Past

Everett University of Orange Park, FL , Church of GOD , Toledo, OH, Northwest Ohio Board of Realtors, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Duval & Nassau County,Municipal Court,Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

National Better Better Business Bureau, Arbitrator and former Mediator.

State of Florida, Department of Financial Services, Division of Consumer Services

Unpracticed of Law Committee, Florida Bar, Approved by the Florida Supreme Court

Publish America

Everest University of Orange Park

VT-com, Jacksonville, FL

Northeast Florida Better Business Bureau

Owens-Illinois, Inc, Toledo, OH

Financial Industrial Regulatory Authority

University of Toledo

City of Toledo, Board of Community Relations

Northwest Ohio Area Office on Aging

Board of Education, Springfield Township, OH

Economic Opportunity Planning Association of Greater Toledo, OH

Greater Toledo Urban League

Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio, Inc.

National Heritage Academy, Toledo Charter schools big Brothers-Big Sisters, Northwestern, OH

Zanesville, OH Branch NAACP

Capital University Law School)

McGuire Law Firm, Pittsburgh, PA

Cleveland, OH, EEOC District Office, ADR

Indianapolis, IN, EEOC District Office, ADR

Lourdes College, Sylvania OH 


Everett University of Orange Park, FL;, Church of GOD , Toledo, OH; Northwest Ohio Board of Realtors;  Duval & Nassau County, Municipal Courts,

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